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  • Corporate and Joint Venture Structuring
  • Company Policies and Procedures
  • Senior Management Review
  • Strategic and Commercial Consultancy

Establishment Phase

  • Shareholder Agreement
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Shareholder and Board Resolutions
  • Power of Attorney

Operational Phase

  • Commercial Contract (e.g. supply of good and services, agency and licensing
  • Consultancy Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • General Terms and Conditions
  • Debt Collection Letter and Dispute Resolution Assistance
  • Employment Contracts and Termination Agreement

Investment/Expansion Phase

  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • Share Purchase Agreement
  • Asset Purchase Agreement

So you loaned someone money and now they won’t answer your calls. Don’t want to chase an invoice and make a client relationship go awkward? The frustration of following up​on cash from a debtor is all too real. Sometimes professional intervention is all it takes!

Our new service helps clients manage their Accounts Receivable and improve collections of outstanding balances. If you are currently pursuing a debtor and would appreciate some insight and support with the process, take action now!​Hit reply, tell us about your situation,​and get your money​with our professional aid.

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